Shooting in Abia: Reports of a shooting around the Abia State Police Command: Dis na wetin we know

Wia dis photo comes from, Getty Images

Normalcy is not returning to Abu after police on Thursday carried out a shooting at some thugs who could carry out mafia action against top city staff.

Aba at one of the Nigerian commercial hubs from Lagos and Ontisha.

Tories, for example, say a police bin carries force where demi call on the CPS (Central Police Station) for Azikwe’s trip to Abu, Abia State, to raid the area after the kidnapping bins resist arrest.

Eyewitnesses told the BBC, “di gbege begins after di hoodlums ignorantly beat up a plain canvas. A police officer is seeking a call for reinforcements to arrest di boys who resist di officers leading to di shootings.”

But Geoffrey Ogbonna, let’s be the person for the Abia State Police Command, say the Tori Pipo for the Abia State, say the police are only reacting to one mafia action against a police officer from the diaspora, who has been beaten.

“Wahala starts after one Keke driver hit a Siena vehicle for Abu. As driver di Sienna and driver di Keke are dragged, one of Di di Keke’s passengers, who is a police officer, joined in and started begging the Siena driver.

“As if a policeman is begging a pipo, come, identify yourself as a policeman. Before you find out, di mafia is attacking di policeman. So, di policeman is suffering mafia action, be lucky to call for reinforcements.

“As we get to Dia, to avoid any attack, because it’s a place in a danger zone, our cops start shooting into the air to use scary people from the bad guy for the place,” Ogbonna Stream said.

Geoffrey Ogbonna also explains how the di command blocks any di access to the Central Police Station as a precaution to repel any attack on the police station after the southeastern area has occurred recently.