Shibani Dandekar destroys the ‘gram hype’, depicting the reality of exercising with a photo in the gym

Celebrities often post insights of their workout sessions on Instagram, inspiring fans every time. Through these images they come across extremely capable people who are able to perform difficult and strenuous exercises with ease. What we don’t see is the hard work and intensive practice behind it.

That’s what Shibani Dandekar warned about in her latest post on Instagram, in which she posted not only her training video – which shows her lifting heavy weights – but also a picture of her lying exhausted after completing the set.

Writing the post “gram hype vs reality”, she wrote, “This was me between each set and each workout the other day at the gym!”

Dandekar acknowledged that the body and mind may not always be ready to perform an activity, but one should be patient. “I’ve been feeling so little lately and that’s okay .. my body and mind need to be in sync, and when they’re not, the key is patience!” she wrote.

The 39-year-old expressed, “Be kind to yourself, take a moment and get back in the zone!”

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