Shell took over the download as “premature and illegal”

Activist prays in court to order EFCC to investigate Shell over alleged N5trn relocation to Nigeria
Shell Oil Development Company

After the Rivers State government owned Kidney Island on Wednesday, the executive director, SPDC and chairman of school companies in Nigeria, Osagie Okunbor dismissed the action as “premature and illegal”.

Okunbor, rejecting the “alleged takeover” of the kidney island property by the Rijeka government, said the state’s rights to acquire the said property are still the subject of ongoing appeals to the Port Harcourt Court of Appeals.

Okunbor stated, “Any alleged exercise of rights allegedly acquired by this proceeding, including any attempt to take over or seal the property of the Kidney Island or other SPDC JV property to satisfy claims in unresolved litigation, is premature and detrimental to ongoing litigation, and therefore not recognized. .

“According to the Nigerian Oil Law, any acquisition or allocation of a share in a license or lease requires the consent of the Minister of Petroleum. Such consent was not given in the case of an alleged acquisition by the Rivers State Government.

“In addition, the judgment of the Supreme Court of 27 November 2020 did not decide on the responsibility or the amount of the reward in the basic lawsuit of Mayor Ogbara and others against the SPDC, nor did the verdict confirm the alleged sale of SPDC JV property on the river. the state claims.

“In the meantime, there is a lawsuit of the SPDC in which the Federal High Court issued an interim order prohibiting further execution of the basic verdict of Agbar, until the proposal for the announcement scheduled for the hearing on January 14, 2021 is heard.

“The SPDC, therefore, calls on the government of Rijeka and those who claim to be interested in the SPDC’s assets on Kidney Island to continue further activities to enable legal proceedings as set out in the Nigerian constitution.

“We continue to believe that until pending appeals are heard and decided, any exercise of rights, including any attempt by the Rivers State Government to take over or seal SPDC JV property, is premature and illegal.”

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