Sheikh Ahmed Lemu is dead

Renowned Nigerian scholar and educator Sheikh Ahmed Lemu is dead, reports LEADERSHIP

According to a post by his daughter Maryam Lemu on Facebook, the scholar passed it on in the early morning hours in Minna.

Shaikh Ahmed Lemu was born in Lem, Niger State, at the age of 21st In December 1929, he received his early education at the Qur’anic School in 1932, then primary school (1939), then secondary school (now Government College) in Lemu, from
for which he obtained a high school diploma in 1948.

He then joined the Sharia School (now the School of Arabic Studies) in Lemu, from which he obtained a high school (1950) and a high (1952) teacher’s certificate (second level) for Arabic, Islamic studies, Shari’a Competence and general education. In 1954, he went to the United Kingdom to study at the School of African and Oriental Studies at the University of London.


He obtained a certificate of general education (advanced level) for history, Arabic, Hausa and Persian in 1961, and a bachelor’s degree in African and Oriental studies in 1964.

Dr. Shaikh Ahmed Lemu has served in the field of education for more than half a century, during which he has undertaken various teaching and educational responsibilities. He began as a teacher of Arabic, English and Islamic studies at the Government High School in Bida between 1953 and 1960. In 1960, he became a senior teacher of Arabic language, Islamic studies and education and a supervisor at the School of Arabic Studies in Cannes, then school principal and deputy director of government secondary education in 1965.

He became Dean of the Arab Teachers College in 1966, Senior Inspector of Education in 1970 and Chief Inspector of Education of Sokoto State in Northwest Nigeria between 1971 and 1973. He also served as Technical Director (1974-1975) and Director of Education Planning (1975-1976). ) in the state. In 2009, he was appointed an advisor at Fountain University in Osogbo, Nigeria.

In addition to his main role in teaching and education, others. Shaikh Ahmed Lemu also served in the judiciary, first as a Sharia judge at the Court of Appeal in Sokoto and Niger (1976-1977) and then as Chief Judge Sharia at the Niger Court of Appeal (1976-1991). Dr. Shaikh Ahmed Lemu also made a significant contribution to official efforts related to security, reconciliation and dialogue during the security challenges in northern Nigeria. He is a member of the Nigerian Council of Religions, the Presidential Council for Youth Development, the Presidential National Security Expert Committee and various other national committees and councils.

Dr. Shaikh Ahmed Lemu is a famous Islamic scholar, known and respected by West African Muslims and throughout the Islamic world. He is a harmonious intellectual, a devout Muslim and an advocate of moderation, justice and openness. She also strongly supports women’s rights.