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Tukur Muntari, Kano

The Supreme Sharia Court in Cannes on Tuesday ordered the Kwali Quarters Divisional Police Department in the Kano metropolis to investigate a popular Cannes-based Hausa artist, Dauda Kahutu, aka Rarara, for allegedly portraying a married woman Maryam Muhammad in her music video without her husband’s consent.

The court also ordered that the woman, Maryam and producer of singer Abubakar Maishad, be investigated for the roles they played in it.

The woman’s husband, Abdulkadir Inuwa, filed a lawsuit in court alleging the singer ran away with his wife and featured her in a recent music video titled “Jihata, Jihata ce”.

Inuwa said in court that he had known for about three months the whereabouts of his wife, whom he had legally married more than five months ago.

“There was no quarrel between us. I only woke up one day and suddenly I found her missing. Later, I saw her on Youtube singing and dancing with the singer (Rarara), and when I went to her family, they told me that they didn’t know where she was, “he added.

He sought justice from the court, saying the act violated his basic right as a wife.

Earlier, artist adviser Muhammad Bello told the court that Rarara did not know the woman in question and that his producer was responsible for hiring the dancers and paying them.

He therefore called on the court to dismiss the case.

Presiding Sharia Judge Ibrahim Yola, however, dismissed the appeal.

Yola instructed DPO Kwali Quarters to investigate singer Maryam and the producer and postponed the matter until February 2, 2021.

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