SEVEN YEARS AFTER EXILE: I forgave my attackers

SEVEN YEARS AFTER EXILE: I forgave my attackers

James Ogunnaike

Olofin of Ado-Odo in the local government area of ​​Ado-Odo / Ota in the state of Ogun, Oba Lateef Adeniran cleared the air on his alleged return to the palace after seven years and seven months of exile following his 2013 attack.

Recall, both Adenira were attacked in April 2013 by angry young men in the city.

He was beaten and stripped naked by people who were said to have previously attacked his palace by vandalizing cars and setting fire to his house.

The youth at the time protested against the Supreme Court’s judgment of 12 January 2009, which confirmed the appointment of Adeniran as Olofin Ado-Odo, the local government of Ado-Odo / Ota in the state of Ogun.

Since then, the first-class Oba has lived in Abeokuta, the capital of the state of Ogun, even while dealing with issues related to the chair.

But Oba Adeniran, who spoke with Vanguard, said his return to the ancient city of Ado-Odo on Sunday, December 20, 2020, happened as a case of young people from the city inviting him to a summit as royal father.

The monarch said: “Although my entry into Ado-Odo last week was greeted pompously and amusingly accompanied by significant traditional rulers, it was the case of young people from Ado-Odo. I was surprised by the way I was received when I arrived in Ado-Odo, because everyone; young and old, male and female, jumped out to greet me. I thank God for that and I thanked my people for the parts and respect they showed me.

“Let me correct the impression in the media that suggested that I returned to the palace. I was not dethroned or removed as Both. Well, since I was not removed, how can I say that I have returned to the palace?

“All I have to say is to thank God for His protection and charity towards me in the last seven years and seven months. He was merciful to me and my family.

“I will return to Ado-Odo before the end of this year or the beginning of 2021, because as I tell you, the palace that was destroyed at that time is still not ready for living.

“I forgave everyone who attacked me then. To sin is human, and to forgive is for God. I have nothing against anyone. Immediately after the attack I forgave them and I ask God to forgive them and have mercy on them.

“They called me from Ado-Odo that Sunday, as soon as I left, it rained. Also, I learned that there was no light in Ado-Odo before my visit that Sunday, but the strength was restored after my visit. All this indicated that God had answered the prayers of the city of Ado-Odo and that peace had finally returned to the community.

“It was raining on my coronation day, too.”
“I want to appreciate the young people from Ado-Odo, especially Johnson Adegbola, who initiated the youth summit to which I was invited as a royal father.

“I want to thank Governor Dapo Abiodun for his role in ensuring the return of peace to the city of Ado Odo. His efforts show that he is a man of peace and the father of all.

“I want to encourage all the sons and daughters of Ado-Odo, both at home and from the diaspora, to accept peace, because without peace our city cannot grow.

“I will equally appeal to all the Baal, chiefs, and natives of Ado-Odo to unite with me so that the desired development may come to the city.”

Vanguard News Nigeria