See what happens when a cute dog first meets Darth Vader

The dog in this funny clip meets Darth Vader.

Many of us were frightened by the threatening villain of Star Wars Darth Vader. And now we have been joined by the cutest dog in our collective fear for the iconic character. In a video shared by former American basketball player Rex Chapman, the adorable Golden Retriever sits comfortably on the couch watching the Star Wars movie. Everything is fine until Darth Vader appears on the screen. The visibly frightened freak immediately climbs off the couch and hides behind him, continuing to watch the movie from there.

Rex Chapman wrote the video: “A good boy sees Darth Vader for the first time …”

The video is currently a hit on Twitter. He collected over 3.7 million views and retweeted over 34.3 thousand times. It even reached Mark Hamill, who played Luke Skywalker in the series.

Users responded with videos of their pets reacting to famous movies. One of them wrote, “My good little girl watching Mufasa’s scene in The Lion King.”

“My dog, whose accidental name is Emperor Pupatine, has no problem with Darth Vader … but he doesn’t like Yoda at all,” said another.

“This is hilarious, Rex! Not to tap on a tweet, but this one is also very funny,” wrote another user sharing a video of a cat watching a classic 1960s Psycho.

The dog’s reactions seemed to be very similar to several others.

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