Security agencies are trying to stop further attacks in the southeast

• Ebonyi recruits 700 awake people
• Police and military conduct stop and search

Sunday Ehigiator in Lagos, Gideon Arinze in Enugu, David-Chyddy Eleke in Awki, Benjamin Nworie in Abakaliki and Emmanuel Ugwu-Nwogo in Umuahia

Security has been stepped up in the southeast to prevent further attacks on police formations and correctional centers, an investigation revealed THIS DAY.

A security warning followed a daring attack last Monday on the headquarters of the Imo State Police Command and the Nigerian Penitentiary in Owerri by gunmen, during which 1,884 prisoners were released and about 100 vehicles were leveled.

Also, the Commissioner for Police, Lagos State Command, Mr. Hakeem Odumosu, yesterday called on top police officers to review and review the operational strategies of the command to prevent any attacks in the state.
In addition, Odumosu hosted the controller of the Lagos State Correctional Service, Mr. Francis Adebisi, and promised to support the deployment of riot police officers in the state’s correctional centers.

In Awki, the capital of the state of Anambra, the State Police Command and the Nigeria Penitentiary Service yesterday blocked all access roads passing through the state police headquarters and detention center to prevent attacks on facilities.

When they visited the police headquarters and detention center this Thursday, stern-looking police officers stood guard, diverting motorists and passers-by to take alternative routes.
There is a long line of vehicles along the road in Amawbia, where both facilities are located, which is why drivers spent hours in traffic.

Residents of the state were also not allowed to walk the same path on foot, while motorists began to avoid the area.
The public relations officer of the NCS Anambra State Command, Mr. Francis Ekezie, told THIS MARRIAGE that the measures are part of an effort to prevent new attacks.

He added that the NCS has introduced other measures that will not be made public.
He said: “You should know that before you see the physical manifestation of security measures such as the barricade of target points, other measures have been set that are not always for public consumption.

“All security agencies are on the ground in places that you may not easily decipher. Intelligence gathering and strategies are already in the field. We do not leave a stone unturned to avoid external aggression. “
The public relations officer of the Anambra State Police Command, Mr. Tochukwu Ikenga, deputy police chief, said the barricades were supposed to be checkmate attacks.

“We just have to ask people to put up with us for now, but these things are very necessary. You also know that the barricade did not start today, only that we are strengthening it due to recent events, “he added.
THIS OPENING was also noted that military checkpoints suddenly appeared in some parts of the state, where soldiers were conducting stop and search operations.

These measures have created a huge stalemate on many roads in the state.
The Nigerian Correctional Center in Enugu has also stepped up security.
When THIS OPENER visited the center yesterday, at least four soldiers were seen guarding various places, in addition to the regular officers of the center.

They also stopped and questioned pedestrians using a promenade near the center.
The center’s public relations officer, Mr. Emeka on Monday, said HERE that they worked closely with other sister security agencies in the state to prevent any attack that could lead to imprisonment.

“We have stepped up surveillance in front of the detention center and are doing something completely different to ensure that the security of the facility is strict,” he said.
The number of police officers guarding the Enugu State Police Command has also increased when this opening was visited by the command headquarters yesterday.

Officers, armed with rifles, patrolled the command, while some were stationed at strategic locations.
One of the officers was spotted on top of an armored tank, exploring the area.
Also, access to the headquarters of the Abia state police on Bende Street was restricted yesterday.

Even journalists were not allowed free passage to the office of the State Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO) because each visitor had to cross with his host before entering.
At the Umuahija Penitentiary, security was also noticeable around the area.
A spokesman for the Nigerian State Command, Mr. Linus Ikpe, did not answer phone calls as at the time of the press.

In Abakaliki, the state capital of Ebonyi, security operatives barricaded the main streets leading to the state correctional center.
Business activities in some shops around the center are also paralyzed because the movements of cars and people are limited.
The State Executive Council has also decided to establish joint security checkpoints at all security formations.

Secretary of the Government of the State of Ebonyi and Commissioner for Coordination dr. Kenneth Ugbala said solar lights would be installed in all police departments in the state.
The state government has also approved the employment of 700 vigilantes in all areas of the state’s local government.

Lagos CP deploys more police officers to correctional centers

Meanwhile, the Commissioner for Police, Lagos State Command, Mr. Hakeem Odumosu, yesterday called on all area commanders, riot police commanders and commanders of tactical operational units to consider and consider operational strategies to prevent any attacks in the state.

Odumosu also hosted Lagos State Correctional Service Controller Mr. Francis Adebisi yesterday and vowed to support the deployment of police officers for riots at facilities in the state.

In a statement yesterday, a state police spokesman, Mr. Olumuyiwa Adejobi, chief police supervisor, said the Ikeja meeting also sought to be proactive in boosting security in and around police formations and correctional centers in the states.

“He was attended by deputy commissioners for police, operations, administration and state CID, Panti, 14 area commanders, police mobile force commanders, rapid response and labor force commanders, special detachment and strike team commanders and the State Intelligence Command,” he said. is.

The statement added that Odumosu led senior police officers to assess and consider better security structures in the state and to prevent any attacks on police formations, correctional centers and vulnerable places.

According to the statement, the meeting agreed on many strategies to be adopted, including robust intelligence gathering, surveillance, state sectorization for easy police surveillance, constant patrols and deployment of personnel to strategic positions, and inter-agency cooperation among others.

“The police chief has given clear guidelines for the full implementation and enforcement of the strategies established to achieve the goals of effective state security in general,” the statement added.
Also, at the meeting with Adebisi, Odumos promised that he would support the deployment of riot police officers in correctional centers in the country.

The PPRO said in a statement that it also promised Odumos that it would “join forces with the penitentiary service and other stakeholders to improve the criminal justice system in the state of Lagos.”
In his response, Adebisi praised Odumosu’s efforts to provide adequate security for all and to promote sustainable synergies between the country’s security agencies.