SecuGen has introduced a new multi-purpose biometric fingerprint system

SecuGen has released the Unity 20 Serial, an ultra-compact, RS232 serial interface and multi-purpose fingerprint system, replacing the previous ID-Serial biometric product that offered similar functionality as a stand-alone fingerprint system, with serial connectivity.

The system can capture and match fingerprints on the card reader itself, and is designed to integrate biometric authentication into applications such as point-of-sale (POS) terminals, time and attendance (T&A) stations, and other devices that have a serial connection. necessary, according to company announcements.

The biometric scanner is FBI certified for use in FIPS 201 PIV and Mobile ID FAP 20 applications, and provides the latest SecuGen technology in a device that the company says is 74 percent smaller than its old scanner and sells 35 percent less.

The Unity 20 Series is built on SecuGen’s comprehensive U20-ASF module featuring a robust U20-A optical fingerprint sensor for high image quality and a 1 GHz single-board computer, programmable Linux operating system, SecuGen’s FMS biometric matching SDK and OpenSSL cryptographic libraries.

SecuGen’s Fingerprint Management System (FMS) software allows it to be used instantly to capture fingerprint images, extract templates, write, store, search and match biometric data on the same device without an external host, the press release said.

Jeff Brown, vice president of sales and marketing at SecuGen, said the company is pleased to announce its first standalone fingerprint system with the same small form factors as its popular Hamster Pro 20 device. “The Unity 20 serial fingerprint system does more than just read fingerprints. It also performs all the biometric functions of fingerprint processing, one-on-one and one-on-one customization, and secure storage in one small device. The product is a technological marvel and we are excited to make it available at an affordable price, ”he said.

Dan Riley, vice president of engineering, said the Unity 20 fingerprint reader uses their innovative Unity fingerprint platform. “We’ve loaded a host of great features, including full programmability into the Unity 20 Serial without sacrificing quality, which is the core of all the products we develop at SecuGen,” Riley said.

CEO Won Lee spoke about the focus of SecuGen, which wants to build competitive products for its customers. “As always, we are focused on developing the products and tools our partners need to compete successfully in this highly competitive industry. The new Unity 20 Serial is a perfect example of this focus. Our team has worked long and hard on the Unity biometrics development platform. This is another product that comes from that effort and we are very proud to be able to offer our partners this new fingerprint product, ”Lee said.

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