Sebastian Vettel made a mistake “atypically” for the four-time world champion

Nico Rosberg thinks this is “very important”. Sebastian Vettel finds a way to turn his luck around, calling his mistakes “atypical” for a world champion.

Vettel enjoyed a great career in Formula 1, winning four championships in the sport, but especially the past 12 months have not been good for him.

Last year he struggled to make a bigger impact with Ferrari’s significantly lower power, falling to P13 on the driver’s ladder, and things haven’t gotten much easier since he moved to Aston Martin.

The German experienced a rather disastrous start to the team formerly known as Racing Point, and pre-season testing was interrupted by car problems, while the P15 only finished in the opening race and suffered penalty points which further heightened his worries.

His compatriot Rosberg, however, hopes Vettel will get back in shape as soon as possible.

Speaking to Sky Germany, he said: “I really want Sebastian to get out of this low, what he brought with Ferrari, and now a bit until the first race. Strangely, I was surprised by what he says and that he still doesn’t feel comfortable in the car.

“But okay, it’s a new team and it needs a little time. But Sebastian has tremendous talent, this is a four-time world champion, so he will be fine and I’m sure we’ll see some great races from him this year.

“But he has to find a way out of this negative spiral, which is very, very important. We just saw another mistake, which is atypical for a four-time world champion. That’s where he has to find his way out, that’s very important. ”

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In 2021, another German arrived on the net, and Mick Schumacher entered Haas from Formula 2.

He finished P16 in Bahrain on his F1 debut, which was at the back of the driver, but Rosberg feels he is doing well and should be given time before he is convicted.

He added: “Mick deserves to be in Formula 1 fully because he dominated in all categories before – including Formula 2 in the end, where he became champion.

“It’s fun to watch him and he’s doing pretty well. It is important to give it time, because Formula 1 is logically the best class, you do not enter and do not dominate at once.

“You have to give him time and he has it now, to learn everything first: the car with the engineers, the settings, getting the most out of the qualifications – you have to make an effort and I think he will have a good future ahead of him. “

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