Science News Review: Pregnant women are infected at higher rates; The Mars Rover sends home a film of bold origins to land on the red planet and more

The following is a summary of current science news.

Pregnant women are infected at higher rates; The COVID-19 from the UK version lasts longer

The following is an overview of some of the latest scientific studies on the new coronavirus and efforts to find treatments and vaccines for COVID-19, a disease caused by the virus.

Pregnant women infected with COVID-19 are investing faster in the Chinese state fund in the genetic company BGI

The Chinese government has invested in BGI Genomics Co., a listed Chinese company that has shipped millions of COVID-19 tests globally while the genetic company wants to fund exponential growth led by a pandemic. The BGI Group, which maintains a large gene database in China and has DNA sequencing agreements with health companies and universities around the world, has in the past responded to claims by U.S. security agencies that it is closely linked to the Chinese government by saying it has no Chinese government capital.

Mars Rover sends home a film about a bold origin to land on the red planet

NASA scientists on Monday unveiled the first of its kind home movies of last week’s “doomed Mars rover” landing, vividly showing the inflating of a supersonic parachute over a red planet and floating-powered floating ships dropping a science lab on wheels to the surface. The footage was captured on Thursday by a series of cameras placed at different angles of a multi-stage spacecraft as a rover, called Perseverance, passed through a thin Martian atmosphere to a slight touch inside a spacious pool called Crater Lake.

The pounded stones of the West Wall in Jerusalem get a complete finish

The ancient stones that make up the west wall of Jerusalem show the scars from the weather disasters of two millennia of scorching sunlight and rain. To prevent their deterioration and ensure their integrity, Israeli conservators are raising their faces with stones, repairing cracks and filling in their worn surfaces.

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