Saturn and Jupiter come face to face above the Burj Khalifa in rare celestial dances

As Jupiter and Saturn were closest on December 21, network users across social networks shared enchanting images and videos of the rare sight. One such thread appeared on Twitter, uploaded by user ‘@djflore’, as it shows, both planets above the tallest building in the world – the Burj Khalifa. NASA has reported that the two planets are closer than they have ever been since the Middle Ages, which is more than 400 years.

Planets and Burj Khalifa

The thread consists of four parts. The first part shows an enlarged image of the building with the planets next to it. The inscription reads: “Great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn. He managed to capture the planets behind the Burj Khalifa. The next part is two more complete shots of the building with the planets. The third part, however, is a stunning wide-angle video, showing the building all glistening with light and the planet along with it. And the last part he saw up close. It shows the planets shining and setting. Let’s take a look.

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Internet users react

Astonished by the images, network users downloaded the comments section. “This is. Unbelievable,” the Twitter user wrote. Another person wrote: “Wow! This is great !!!”. Tweeples can also be seen retweeting pictures and videos with their own titles. “This is absolutely amazing! I hope you get great recognition for this work,” the person in the headline wrote. Another person wrote, “Fun fact: aligning 3 or more planetary bodies is known as syzygy – which would be a Scrabble shooter who would kill if stingy bums gave more than 2 Y letters in the game.”

Gulf Photo Plus – a photography center in Dubai also forwarded the photos and videos, calling Florian’s efforts ‘stunning’.

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Such a phenomenon occurs only when one of the poles of the Earth is tilted maximally from the Sun. This connection is also called the “Christmas star”. It happened after sunset in the southwest sky and was seen with the naked eye. The last such connection was seen in 1623, but was not visible on much of the Earth. Now the next ‘Great Conjunction’ will happen only 400 years later, on November 4, 2040.

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(Image credit: Twitter / @ djflore)

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