Santos Escobar crowned the undisputed NXT cruiser champion

Night Two of NXT TakeOver: Stop and deliver started with a Ladder Match in between Santos Escobar i Jordan Devlin. Equally important, this match was for the NXT championship in the heaviest category, which was technically held by both. While Devlin held the title overseas, unable to travel during the COVID-19 pandemic, the NXT cursed the new champion in Escobar instead. It is important to note that both men met only a few times before this event. Since both men decided to become the undisputed NXT champion in the heaviest category, only one man could reach both titles above the ring. In the end, he was the leader Legado Del Fantasma which has engraved his name in history.

Although both were part of the NXT cruiser, Santos Escobar and Jordan Devlin didn’t bother much with elegant maneuvers. Admittedly, there have been several cases of wrestling in high flights, including the breathtaking lunar fall from the top of the Devlin ladder. However, they both shared the same goal: to inflict as much pain on the opponent as possible. Escobar, however, was not alone. In fact, by recruiting the help of your partners, Joaquin Wilde i Raul Mendoza, his victory in the NXT cruiser category became so much safer.

As Devlin climbed the ladder to take the titles, he was suddenly attacked by Wilde and Mendoza, sent outside. From there, Legado Del Fantasma continued their attack, sending Devlin to the steel steps. This allowed Escobar to take advantage, although Devlin remained in the fight as long as he could. The match peaked when they both fought in the standings. This quarrel resulted in Escobar sending Devlin through a nearby ladder below. From there, Escobar took over two purple titles, declaring himself his undisputed NXT champion in the heaviest category.

More than a year after the COVID-19 pandemic, NXT has finally declared itself the undisputed champion in the heaviest category on TakeOver: Stand and Deliver. With Legado Del Fantasma by his side, it’s safe to assume that Santos Escobar will have little trouble maintaining his status. With this in mind, there are a few hungry competitors who want to make names for themselves, not just on NXT 205 Live and even NXT UK, Devlin’s domestic brand, too. Expect this story to unfold in the coming weeks on NXT programming.

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