Samsung’s 512GB DDR5 RAM module is lightning fast

Samsung’s 512GB DDR5 RAM module.


Samsung unveiled its 512GB DDR5 RAM module on Thursday, which is capable of more than twice as fast as DDR4 at 7,200 megabits per second. It is intended for handling supercomputer processes, AI and machine learning processes.

To compare this at the consumer level, Apple’s MacBook Air for $ 1,000 comes only with 8 GB of RAM.

The module uses transient silicon (TSV) technology to stack eight layers of 16GB DRAM chips to achieve a capacity of 512GB. Intel’s High-K Metal Gate (HKMG) technology, which is traditionally used in logic semiconductors rather than in memory, is also used instead of the typical insulation layer. This allows for higher chip densities with reduced current leakage.

It will consume about 13% less energy, which is important for energy-hungry data centers.

“By introducing this type of process innovation in DRAM manufacturing, we can offer our customers high-performance, energy-efficient, power-efficient memory solutions for medical research, financial markets, autonomous driving, smart cities and beyond,” Young-Soo Sohn, vice president Samsung’s DRAM group, he said in the release.