Samsung Galaxy S21 phones have lost half their value since January, the study says

The iPhone 12 setup retained a higher value than the Galaxy S21 phone.

Patrick Holland / CNET

Samsung’s latest smartphones, launched in late January, have already lost about half their value, according to a study released Wednesday by Sell Cell, a website that allows you to sell your used phone. The 256 GB Galaxy S21 5G will lose the most, which uses 57 percent less than what is new on sale, and 51% less for the 128 GB model. This means that while the S21 5G costs $ 999 new, you will resell it at a maximum of $ 429.

The Galaxy S21 + 5G is worth about 50% less for 256 GB and 45% less for 128 GB. The Galaxy S21 Ultra has lost the least value, but is still worth 47% less for the 128GB model and 53% less for the 256GB model.

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“Despite the launch only in January 2021, all phones have lost almost 50% of their value,” Sell Cell states in its report. “It’s a significant loss considering they’ve only been on the market for three months.”

By comparison, the iPhone 12 series did better retaining its value despite launching just a few months earlier than the Samsung phone. According to the study, the iPhone 12 Mini 256GB lost the most value, at 33%. The lowest value was lost by the iPhone 12 Pro Max 128GB, which depreciated by only 18%.

Neither Samsung nor Apple responded immediately to the request for comment.

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