‘Salvation will surely come’, PDP asks Nigerians to revive hope – Channel Television

A combination of photos of the PDP logo and the Christmas tree.

The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has called on Nigerians to use Christmas and Juletid celebrations to restore hope and confidence in God’s divine intervention in the affairs of the nation.

She appealed on Thursday to a statement by national public relations secretary Kola Ologbondiyan, in memory of this year’s Christmas.

The party believes Christmas is restoring faith that Nigeria has not lost all hope, arguing that the failures of the current administration have led to widespread economic hardship and exacerbated insecurity in the country.

It was also condemned that in the given circumstances most families had nothing to celebrate with as many mourned the losses due to the increased rate of insecurity.

“Yet we must keep hope alive and find strength in God’s constant intervention, which has been shown to be a gift of salvation in the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.

“Indeed, Christmas offers us a great lesson as a nation that, no matter how long the darkness has been, is characterized by violence, oppression, economic repression, hunger, abuse of rights, disregard for human needs and widespread corruption, as we have witnessed in the last five years.” it may seem to dominate, salvation will surely come as an example in the birth of a savior, ”the PDP said.

It adds, “Our party, therefore, urges Nigerians to use this period to strengthen their bonds of unity as well as comfort and provide loving love to each other so that the joy that Christmas brings will not be lost.”

The PDP stressed that Nigerian leaders need to have a little attention, show remorse and reconsider their policies which, he said, have brought trouble to the people.

She prayed to God for the healing, stability and prosperity of the country, as well as for the blessed celebrations of Christmas and yuletida.