Saints QB Jameis Winston formalizes this and signs his new contract

One of the first moves the New Orleans Saints gave priority to was an agreement with Jameis Winston to extend his contract for another year, and now it has finally been formalized by signing a quarterback on the dotted line. Winston shared a photo of him signing a new contract late Wednesday night, making everything official and announcing that, “It’s great to be back!! ”

And he returned to compete for the high-profile task of replacing Drew Brees, who retired earlier this month to begin a broadcasting career with NBC Sports. This sets the stage for a training camp competition between Winston and Tays Hill, who went 3-1 last season in the absence of Brees.

But if Winston is what the Saints ’coaches believe it can be, it should be a big competition. He is one of seven defenders tossing 5,000 yards in one season. He has already started dozens of games in the NFL and has seen everything his opposing defenses can throw at him. After a year of sharing the bench with Hill behind Brees and soaking up everything he could learn, Winston has the opportunity to lock in his initial deal for a decade.

Plus: the contract he signed doesn’t promise him much. It is structured differently from the contract of proof, for example, which Cam Newton signed with the New England Patriots, but both agreements work similarly giving each passer-by a one-year opportunity to prove himself. And the salary limit numbers dedicated to Winston won’t stop the Saints from adding another quarterback if the value is there. But it’s up to him to get New Orleans to buy what it offers.