Russian Antarctic researchers step up measures following COVID report at Chilean station – Science & Space

ST. PETERSBURG, December 24 / TASS /. Russian research stations in the Antarctic have stepped up measures against coronavirus following reports of positive coronavirus tests at a Chilean station, a spokesman for the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute told TASS on Thursday.

According to media reports, 36 people at General Bernard O’Higgins ’Chilean base were positive for coronavirus.

“No cases of coronavirus have been reported at Russian research stations so far. Staff members will be quarantined in St. Petersburg and boarded a ship before arriving at the station. Novolazarevskaya and Progress stations have limited contact with other research facilities,” the spokesman said. According to the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute, the staff of the Bellingshausen station, which is located near the bases of other countries, decided to maintain contact with foreign researchers only through online communication means. Vostok and Mirny stations are located far from foreign stations.

There are five permanent Russian research stations in Antarctica, while there are five more seasonal ones. The Russian Antarctic expedition operates on the continent throughout the year.