Rumors of ‘Spider-Verse 2’ point to the return of Spider-Man from the 90s

While Batman and X-Men lay claim until the greatest animated superhero shows of the 1990s, the decade was actually full of comic book superhero cartoons. It is probably the most underrated Spider-Man, which lasted five seasons between 1994 and 1998.

You never checked it? You might want to fix that because the latest rumors are for a 2018 sequel Spider-Man: In Spider-Verse indicate that Spider-Man from the 90s is returning.

What happened? – March 31 That Hashtag Show reported that voice actor Christopher Daniel Barnes, who gave the voice to Spider-Man / Peter Parker Spider-Man, was “in final talks” to reiterate his role for the unnamed Spider-Man: In Spider-Verse continued.

That Hashtag Show explains that the role would have been smaller and that Barnes ’Peter Parker“ is not a major part of the script ”.

“He will play several performances and will appear in the finals. It’s not the main performance, but about 5-10 minutes. ” That Hashtag Show reported. “However, he will appear in a style that includes his cartoon look.”

Spider-Man, which aired in the same era X-Men,, Batman: Animated Series, i Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, ran five seasons on Fox Kids from 1994 to 1998.Disney +

Not so fast … – Almost exactly a week later, on April 7, Barnes shared a video on his Instagram page, resting rumors about appearing in the “next Spider-Man movie”. Barnes said the rumors were false. “I wish it were true,” he says in the video, “That would be great. Unfortunately, this is not true at all. There is no truth in the rumor. ”

Interestingly, Barnes never specifies which “next Spider-Man movie” he’s actually talking about. Literally, the next Spider-Man movie is in 2021 Spider-Man: No way home, a third (and possibly final) film with Tom Holland as Spider-Man, which will also find itself at the center of a multiverse action. In Spider-Verse 2 should come out ten months later There is no way home, in October 2022.

Barnes only said a vague “next Spider-Man,” and did not explicitly point to a sequel In Spider-Verse 2 it could be a probable denial, assuming the actor is still in negotiations or simply not free to talk about the next Spider-verse.

The Inverse Analysis – First let’s admit how crazy it is that “the next Spider-Man movie” is vague enough to mean not one but two various film franchises about Spider-Man. If you said that to a Spider-Man fan in 1989, they would tear up their Todd McFarlane covers in disbelief.

Second, it is still possible that Barnes is telling the truth. Maybe he actually thinks of Spider-Verse 2 and no Spider-Man: No way home. His phrase “next Spider-Man” was not meant to be literal but contextual.

Still, Barnes ’Spider-Man is a fan favorite (the one currently airing on Disney +), and Spider-verse movies are nothing if not a fan service to the extreme. There are many secrets in the Marvel multiverse. This may still be one of them.

Spider-Man: In Spider-Verse 2 will be released in theaters on October 7, 2022.