Rode Wireless GO II adds a second microphone, built-in recording and range amplification

Rode has announced a new version of its popular wireless microphone, with the Rode Wireless GO II retaining an extremely simple clip design, but now supporting two microphones at the same time. The secret square dongles found favor among cameramen and vloggers because of their ease of use, and the second-generation models promised to strengthen range and stability, along with shooting on board.

Indeed, the list of features of Wireless GO II reads a lot like the wish list of the owner of the original version. For example, the new 2.4 GHz Series IV digital transmission now features up to 200 meters (656 feet) of visibility transmission – a huge increase over the first-generation 70 meters (230 feet) – and should be able to withstand dense RF environments.

There are also on-board recording options, with support for more than 24 hours of recording on the transmitter. It could be a lifesaver when you discover that you haven’t actually hit a record on a connected device. Meanwhile, the safety channel – recorded at -20 dB – can serve as a backup in case of distortion in the main channel. As before, you get an integrated omnidirectional condenser capsule microphone in each transmitter, plus a 3.5mm TRS input if you want to use an external lavalier microphone or similar.

Meanwhile, connectivity is another area of ​​improvement. There are now 3.5mm analog TRS output, USB-C output and iOS digital audio output, to make it easier to connect a camera, phone or other device to the receiver. You still have a three-stage gain control pad, expandable to a 10-degree pad.

This – and recording on the built-in transmitter – is controlled by the new Rode Central app. Designed to keep the controls on the device as simple as possible, it adjusts the security channel, recording, fine gain control and more. Mono and stereo modes are supported – recording either each transmitter separately, or combining them for stereo recording and easier post-processing – plus there’s a microphone mute button.

As before, there are rechargeable lion batteries inside with a USB-C charging port. Full charge is good for use for up to 7 hours, says Rode, plus there is an energy saving mode that maximizes operating time. Each transmitter weighs 31 grams, the receiver wheel 32 grams, and they have the same button that can be used to attach a square to a shirt or jacket or in a cold show on camera.

The Rode Wireless GO II is available to order for $ 299 for two microphones and one receiver. The kit also includes a flat TRS memory cable for connection to cameras, three USB-C to USB-A cables for connecting to computers for charging and recording, and a carrying case.