Rocky Linux: The first release comes in the second quarter of 2021, the developers say

Rocky Linux, which aims to provide a new alternative to projects using Red Hat’s CentOS, should be available for testing by the second quarter of 2021, according to its creators.

Red Hat, CentOS ’parent company for Linux, announced this month that it is shifting its focus from CentOS Linux to CentOS Stream.

Some users disliked the move, and CentOS co-founder Gregory Kurtzer reacted immediately with the intention of creating his own CentOS alternative called Rocky Linux, with the goal of creating “uninterrupted business continuity for companies running CentOS 8 well beyond 2021. years. . “

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The first edition of Rocky Linux should be available after March 2021, according to the latest project update.

“The core team is working to set up an infrastructure that will support the legal entity and the engineering efforts needed to deliver and support the initial release,” said Rocky Linux community manager Jordan Pisaniello.

“We’re targeting Q2 2021 to deliver our first release of Rocky Linux.”

Interestingly, the Rocky Linux team opted for Amazon Web Services (AWS) as the primary platform for building Rocky Linux.

“AWS was selected primarily to protect the supply chain integrity for Rocky Linux,” Pisaniello noted.

The OS will be available in standard commercial regions, as well as Amazon Web Services (AWS) GovCloud, and in China, he noted.

“Transparency with the community and those who will rely on Rocky Linux to replace their CentOS 8 installations before support expires is paramount,” he added.

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The group has announced that it will soon provide a timetable for the delivery of construction systems and infrastructure, automated package development infrastructure, when a package testing repository and installer testing readiness will be created. It also works to provide deadlines for community testing and determine when a candidate for the issue will be available.

It is currently in negotiations with several data center vendors for physical infrastructure hosting.