Robert Tonyan may have just begun

Good morning. I was wondering how many times the Packers have used the franchise tag and do you see the team using it this year because of the pay cap cut?

The Packers used the franchise label five times – in 1998 (Dorsey Levens), 1999 (Antonio Freeman), 2004 (Chad Clifton), 2008 (Corey Williams) and 2010 (Ryan Pickett). Using a tag creates a large limit for a player in the current year, unless a long-term contract is reached. I think that would make Packers less inclined to use it this year if they don’t have to, but I would never rule that out.

Jeffrey of Wauwatosa, WI

I hate to say it, but I think Aaron Jones and Jamaal Williams are also missing. Consensus on the league does not seem to pay RB. Pittsburgh didn’t pay Bella, and the chargers didn’t pay Gordon. He seems to have foreseen in advance that both teams made the right decision. What do you think?

I think every case is different, and in Jones ’case, I’ve said before, I believe he is extremely capable of LaFleur offense and his abilities in this scheme would be very difficult to replace.

As a champion team, I guess the Packers will open the season against another champion team. I know the old saying watch what you want. That would say it would be different to have more non-radar openers. Maybe home against Washington or on the way against the Lions before settling in with all the changes or on the way against Bengal. What would you rather open a new season?

I don’t really think much until it’s published. Your question, however, sent me on a small research mission during which I discovered that the Packers opened up against a rival in the division or the playoff team from the previous season every year, except for one – 2016, when the league sent frozen tundra. a team in the heat of Florida to open in Jacksonville. So it seems safe to say that the chances of a ho-hum opener are pretty slim.

This desire for WR for me is just a code we want Aaron Rodgers to throw 40 times in the game. This coincides with the belief that he won the MVP because he found the Fountain of Youth. I think Matt LaFleur put together an insult that maximized his strength, which is between his ears, and reduced his dependence on his physical ability, which is still good, but not what it was 10 years ago. At this point the passing offense is less is more. Keep building a team, not an air circus.

I honestly agree, although in the same breath I would love to see the Packers create more competition this season in the position of receiver behind Davante Adams and continue to build there for the future.

Jason of Des Plaines, IL

It seems that people really want us to do ILB again early. I really liked what I saw from Krys Barnes in terms of explosiveness and problem solving, but what happened to Kamal Martin? I was shocked to see that Barnes had earned the role he had given his situation, but I have to say I wanted more Kamala too! They both seem to promise, but what happened to Kamal?

Martin is a player of a hundred miles per hour whose aggression can sometimes be reversed. As he learns the NFL game (progress that has been somewhat diminished by his injury and COVID’s absences), his style of play could really bring dividends. But it takes time to develop.

Mike, what final Packers numbers went to a two-point conversion last season? What is that comparison to the league average? And what are the numbers to defend against them?

Including the postseason, the Packers were two for 5 in two-point attempts (not counting the failed PAT snap that turned into a two-point attempt), and the opponents were 6 for 6. I couldn’t easily find the league’s overall numbers for 2020, but the Packers know they weren’t good enough on either side of the ball.

Thomas of Cedar Rapids, IA

Whenever I see photos of LeRoy Butler, I can’t help but notice the shoulder pads. Are the smaller pads now the result of better science and materials or player choices? Is the advantage of speed and flexibility of smaller cartridges a risk / reward trade-off with a safety factor?

I believe in the latter.

Spoff, other than Aaron Rodgers, which current Packer (who is generally supposed to make the list in 2021) do you think should have the most impressive season performance?

Of the players I am fully convinced will be here, I would have to pick Za’Darius Smith. Pass Rush is the most prized defensive commodity in the NFL, and it’s the best the Packers have.