Robbery, the cattle crisis responsible for the growing calls for secession – Lai Mohammed

Information and Culture Minister Lai Mohammed acknowledged on Thursday that growing calls for secession in the country are due to increasing robbery, shepherd violence, Boko Haram riots and other forms of crime.

The minister added that the current insecurity in the country poses a great danger to the unity of Nigeria.

Mohammed lamented that the issues of farmers, livestock crises, robberies, kidnappings, among other challenges of insecurity, have led to growing unrest and separatist agendas across the country.

He said this during a meeting of the city hall in Kaduna, marked: “Setting benchmarks for enhanced security and national unity in Nigeria.”

The Minister also noted that the teamwork of all Nigerians in ensuring the rescue of the country remains the solution to these challenges.

Mohammed said, “The sinister, general state of insecurity, reflected in incidents of farmers / pastoralists, Boko Haram rebellion, robbery, ethno-religious conflicts and intolerance, culture, drug addiction and kidnapping for ransom, is now triggering a growing call for secession as well as the politicization of ethnic and religious differences.

“Honestly, insecurity and its manifestations represent a dangerous threat to the unity of the country and its continued existence as one indivisible nation.

“How did we get here and what can we do to change the narrative?” We believe that finding a way out of the situation we find ourselves in requires teamwork, which reflects all the differences and affects all of our collective creativity to diligently pursue the Nigeria rescue project. “