Rick And Morty’s Pickle Rick and other best versions of Rick Sanchez

Tiny Rick

When the vampire was released at Morty and Summer’s high school in “Big Trouble In Little Sanchez,” Rick Sanchez had only one option. He did have more options, but for some reason he concluded that, unlike regular infiltration into school, as he had done several times in the past, the easiest way to track down a vampire was by passing his consciousness on to a younger self. So Tiny Rick was born and became a hit in high school with his attitude and overall coolness. Equally cold and almost vicious compared to Pickle Rick, Tiny Rick proved evil when it was revealed that he was trying to destroy Rick’s original older body. Fortunately, through the ultra-sad music of Elliott Smith, Summer and Morty managed to save their grandfather and bring him back to his old body. Yet before he became evil, Tiny Rick was the coolest of the Ricks.