Restructuring cannot be realized through a political process – AfDB President – Punch Newspapers

Peter Dada, Akure

PRESIDENT of the African Development Bank, dr. Akinwumi Adesina, threw his weight at the call for the country’s restructuring, saying the restructuring should not be driven by “political expediency, but economic and financial sustainability”.

Akinwumi, who spoke as a guest lecturer in Akure at a lecture for the inauguration of the second term, preparing for the next term of Ondo State Governor Rotimi Akeredolu, said, “Economic and financial sustainability are necessary and sufficient conditions for political sustainability.”

The former Minister of Agriculture added: “Resources found in each state or state groups should belong to them. The constituent entities should pay federal taxes or royalties for these resources.

“Achieving economically viable entities and the sustainability of the national entity require constitutional changes in order to transfer more economic and fiscal powers to states or regions. The stronger the states or regions, the stronger the uniting units. Our union would be stronger.

“Instead of the federal government of Nigeria, we could think of the United States of Nigeria or the Commonwealth of Nigeria. The old will die for the new. We would change the way of thinking between the states and Abuja; the stronghold would be the states, while the center would support them, not the master over them. “

He said that with good governance and better accountability systems and zero tolerance for corruption, many economically “stronger constituent states” would emerge in the country.

In his remark, the Governor of the State of Ondo and the Chairman of the Forum of Governors of the Southwestern Countries, Rotimi Akeredolu, stated that the governors of the region will continue to fight crime in the area by all legal means.

The governor said that he was not disturbed by criticism of his steps in the fight against insecurity lately, he said that the fight against crime in the region is not aimed at any ethnic group in the country.

He said, “Today, the strongest threat to national belief is insecurity. And as our approach has allowed permanent, useless stagnation for too long, the consequences are becoming more and more daring. It is time to act now, not tomorrow. As leaders, the choices we make create the path to our desires. We can’t pretend that everything is fine when really more things go wrong. “

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