Restore public confidence, trust in the police force

He says it is time to improve the welfare of the police

The police must work hard to restore public confidence by ending the excesses, abuse and culture of impunity shown by some elements in the police, according to SAN Vice President Yemi Osinbajo.

Professor Osinbayo said that on Wednesday at the ceremony of decorating the new acting inspector general of police, Usman Akali Baba, in the state house in Abuja.

The vice president stressed that under the leadership of the new acting inspector general, “the police must now rebuild the broken bridges of trust with the public and restore the trust of the citizens.”

Continuing, prof. Osinbayo reiterated the need for community policing as a way to ensure the lives of Nigerians and called for “implementing community policing policy and reconceptualizing policing as a task carried out in partnership with local communities and by officials who are members of those communities.” “

He noted that the welfare and working conditions of police officers must be significantly improved and under the leadership of the acting IG, police officers “must meet all the highest standards of professional conduct and respect for the rule of law.”

“You need to remove the excess, abuse and culture of impunity illustrated by some elements of force that provoke public outrage against the institution.”

The vice president acknowledged that the acting IG was taking office in “a very turbulent period of our country’s life”, noting “multiple threats to law, order and public safety”. He further stated that, “the role of the law, and especially the role of the Nigerian police force as the primary agency in charge of maintaining law and order, has never been more important.”

Speaking about the new Police Act, Professor Osinbayo said, “last year, the President signed a new Police Act, the first police reform law to be passed in almost 50 years.”

“The law is central to our commitment to rediscovering the police as an institution we can all be proud of. It articulates the vision of this administration of a modern, competent police force as an institution dedicated to preserving human rights and human dignity and protecting the public from all criminal threats. “

He instructed the Acting IG to embark on a mission to restore “the dignity and high reputation of the police profession”, adding that the Bukhari administration is “ready to work with you to relocate Nigerian police forces and take them to unprecedented heights of professionalism, competence and excellence. welcome as a key partner in this administration’s comprehensive reform agenda aimed at relocating the NPF as a modern, accountable, citizen-centered law enforcement service. “

The vice president also noted that the process of selecting a new acting IG differed from previous practice “when selecting a new inspector general of police often meant the current retirement of a cohort of senior police officers whose extensive experience and training would no longer be available to the country. “

The decoration ceremony was also attended by the Secretary of the Government of the Federation, Mr. Chief Mustapha, the Minister of Police, Mohammed Maigari Dingyadi, former Inspector General of Police Mohammed Adamu and other top government officials.

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