Rep rejects the conspiracy to suspend the leader of the parliamentary club

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Written by Tordue Salem, Abuja

A member of the House of Representatives from the state of Rijeka, Dr. Farah Dagogo, blamed threats by the House leadership to sanction Rep Kingsley Chindu for his call to recall President Muhammad Buhari.

Kingsley Chinda, a Rivers MP, called on the National Assembly to launch recall measures against the president over growing cases of insecurity across the country, especially in the north, and the failed state of the country’s economy.

However, the House leadership, through the majority leader, Alhassan MP Ado Doguwa, threatened to take disciplinary action against Kingsley Chinda, calling his statements “a desecration of reputable legislative practice”.

Recognizing the guilt of the planned move, MP Dagogo, who represents the Degema / Bonny Federal Constituency in the House, rebuked the leader of most of the House for playing in the gallery.

In a statement issued in Abuja, he stated that Ado Doguwa, an experienced MP, “should have been experienced enough” to know that Kingsley Chinda had not committed any “legislative offense by his patriotic calling”.

He said the majority leader’s claims that the president did not heed the House of Representatives call because of Kingsley Chinda were not only ridiculous, but only exposed the House leadership to hypocrisy.

“I can’t fathom this kind of authoritarian or autocratic democracy that the majority leader of the House and his alleged colleagues he claimed said they wanted to practice in the House. This is pure hypocrisy. We are all witnessing the state of the economy and the dangerous security situation, especially in the north, where the leader of the majority comes from. As the alleged seasonal legislator, who was in the Third Republic, will he honestly admit that this 9th Assembly actually plays its role of matting other hands of government, especially the executive?

“Instead of trying to demonize Kingsley Chinda, I expected the leader of the majority to encourage him and thank him for speaking to many Nigerians who cannot find solace in the country they call home, especially in the north. For me, and I believe this is the position of the majority of the People’s Democratic Party in the House, Kingsley Chinda has not violated any legislative rule that could justify any disciplinary action and as such, any inappropriate move directed in that direction will be resisted. We are not in a banana republic, we must enroll in the principles of democracy and no member of the House of Representatives will tie another. We are all equal, because we represent different constituencies, positions are just privileges.

“Furthermore, it is high time that we, as the house, discouraged this subtle blackmail of resorting to‘ harmonious working relations between the executive and the legislature in order to put things in the right perspective. “If the president and other executive members misunderstand what is happening now, it is up to us, the people’s representatives, to steer him in the right direction, and if you do not notice, we use constitutional means to call anyone to give an order,” he added.

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