Releases of ‘Forgotten Fields’ on Steam and GOG – Entertainment Focus

Earlier this week, Forgotten Fields, a commemorative game that takes you back on a pleasant journey home, launched on Steam and GOG. The game was also featured at The Indian Harvest Festival on Steam.

In the game, players follow Sid – a writer with a creative block – on a nostalgic journey, as he was last invited to his childhood home before being sold out. Talk to old friends, swim in the ocean, solve relaxing puzzles while Sid tries to overcome his block in time for the grant deadline.

See the announcement of the launched forgotten fields below:

Armaan Sandhu, CEO of Frostwood Interactive said:

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“The long journey was like writing a book by myself. After our over-funded Kickstarter campaign and when we saw an outpouring of kindness not only from those who support it but also from the general public, we can’t wait for people to take Sid’s path and see where they will take them. ”

Amer Ahmad, founder of Dino Digital, said:

“We are extremely proud to be part of the Forgotten Fields edition. Seeing an edition of the game that is so connected and with such meaning, in addition to being set in our backyard, is a real special moment for all of us at Dino Digital. “

Forgotten Fields is available on Steam and GOG for £ 10.29. There’s also a 15% discount on the price, reducing it to £ 8.79, until April 21st.

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