Release date Teased for Horror Game

We also got the first clue for the release date!

Screenshot from the video game Sons of the Forest

In 2018, after a four-year period of early access (!!), Endnight Games was released, an indie publisher consisting of Hollywood visual effects artists The forest, an impressive horror game for survival in the first person, on PC and PlayStation 4. The game was a critical and commercial hit, collecting comparisons with other valuable titles like Don’t starve i The last of usand mixing the most horrible images with a sense of hope. Now we have an announcement for his gestural sequel, Sons of the forest. And holy canons, does this trailer grab me and not let go?

Using an unusual sense of sound design and editing, ’80s John Carpenter cutting results from synth-bump to stay in sync with particularly noticeable jumps, this look at Sons of the forest promises a completely different approach to the now familiar way of surviving horror video games. The graphics are simply stunning (a hint that this could be released on the PlayStation 5?), The mutants seen in these weakened forests are surreal and terrifying, the short vignettes that occurred are even more shocking in broad daylight, and the crafting system looks as impressively robust as and always. And one particular sequence, in which your main character cryptically puts on a slasher mask for the feel of the film, itches me to discover what all this might mean. I didn’t play The forest, and in just 90 seconds I have to play its sequel as soon as possible.

Screenshot from the video game The Forest

Picture via Endnight Games

Sons of the forest comes to the 2021 gaming systems, although we are not yet sure which date and for which specific systems and whether there will be a similar long early accession. Check out his insidiously intimidating trailer below.

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