Regé-Jean Page was ‘hurt’ when he learned that race was a factor in ‘Superman’s’ rejection

Bridgerton star Regé-Jean Page said he was “hurt” because he may have been refused to star in it Krypton because of his skin color.

According to Hollywood Reporter, a series focusing on Superman ‘s grandfather’ s past, was “passionate about performing some non – traditional roles”.

Their sources suggest that Page auditioned for that part accordingly, before DC Films co-founder Geoff Johns reportedly said Superman “couldn’t have had a Black Grandpa.”

Responding to news on Twitter yesterday (April 7), Paige wrote: “Hearing about these conversations hurts no less than it does now. The explanations almost hurt more. I still just do my thing. We do work though. We’re still flying. ”

A Johns spokesman said later E! News that the co-founder expects Superman’s grandfather to “look like young Henry Cavill,” compared to the actor who recently played Superman.

“Geoff never said that Superman cannot have a black ancestor or be black,” the statement continues. “There have been different versions of Superman in comics for decades, so he can and can be diverse.

“However, the expectation for Krypton is that it will initially be perceived as a possible omen A man of steel by fans and the leadership was expected to summon young Henry Cavill. “