Red Dead Redemption 2 features the ominous floating duck in the Glitch video

The new Red Dead Redemption 2 malfunction contains ominous floating ducks that rise into a higher atmosphere, according to a new video posted online.

New video from Red Dead Redemption 2 appeared online, and contains a rather sinister hovering duck. While this duck is obviously a mistake, the hilarity of the situation is not lost on the player shooting it, and this weird bird is just another weird and wonderful aspect of the game years after the initial release.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is a fictional depiction of the decline of the Wild West in 1899, following the story of Arthur Morgan and his outlaws trying to stay ahead of the law and make a living. The game is one of the most hyperrealistic titles on Rockstar, which contains a huge amount of details compared to most games released in 2018. Red Dead Redemption 2 contains over 82 unique species and 178 subspecies of animals, all of which have unique animations and behaviors programmed into the game. Players have spent countless hours hunting and cataloging all the species of animals the game offers, which even have nothing to do with the main story, which is long enough as it is.

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Red Dead Redemption 2 is known for being full of Easter eggs, interesting mysterious locations and even more interesting characters. This duck is just the latest attraction to be featured in the old western. Although a floating bird may be an unintentional addition to the game, has certainly gained some popularity online. A video of this bug was originally posted on Red Dead Redemption 2 subreddit by Reddita Blue_Moon_Cheese. The video shows the main protagonist Arthur Morgan releasing a duck carcass, which then floats solemnly into the sky, rising to a duck sky.

Usually, when a player takes out a corpse and puts it on the ground, he stays there. Here it is seen that the duck model seems to bounce off the ground and slowly soar into the sky. Arthur then fainted in the video due to consuming an enormous amount of alcohol. Consuming strong alcohol is part of how this happened, thanks to a well-known breakdown in the game that usually occurs when a player character tries to make a normal animation in an alcoholic state. Although Rockstar usually patches these types of breakdowns and exploits, the drunken exploit has been in play since the moment this was written. Players can use this malfunction to access otherwise impossible locations on the map, although there really is nothing to record outside the game map.

Players who want to see more strange and mysterious phenomena can simply play the game normally, as Rockstar has included many mysteries in the game that players can find. There are probably still Easter eggs and secrets Red Dead Redemption 2, like one subtle detail that changes the side mission after the game is over.

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Source: Blue_Moon_Cheese

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