Red Bull launched the 2021 car, the RB16B, as a team that sought to end the Mercedes series in the Formula 1 title

Introducing the latest Red Bull title hoping as a team to release the first RB16B images, which Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez will drive in 2021

Last update: 23/02/21 12:17 pm

Red Bull has unveiled the first images of the car, which it hopes will inspire Max Verstappen and new signer Sergio Perez to challenge for the 2021 title, as longtime F1 challengers wanted to end Mercedes dominance.

The new car, the RB16B, provides Red Bull with the latest hope of returning for the first time since 2013, after finishing a far second behind seven-time world champion Mercedes last season.

And Red Bull is coming out in a closer battle in 2021.

Not only has the team signed the experienced but hungry Perez and partner driver Verstappen, but this is Honda’s final season in F1 before handing over their engine project to Red Bull from 2022 onwards.

Honda, which has improved in recent seasons but pushed well behind last year’s Mercedes-hungry engine, is targeting increased line speed to help Red Bull and their usually agile car.

The RB16B, as the name implies, is based on the genes of the last Red Bull car, and the team has retained its characteristic thin nose and familiar rear wing design.

But with the new F1 regulations described as subtle but potentially “significant,” Red Bull seems to have made big changes to its new challenger – especially on the side bases as they competed to recover the force and overhaul the Mercedes.

The 2020 RB16, although improved during the year, was often handful and unpredictable for drivers, so improving driving and consistency were key team goals over the winter.

Can Verstappen and Perez fight Mercedes with a new car?

Meet the latest Red Bull titles as the team launches its Formula 1 2021 season car, the RB16B.

Meet the latest Red Bull titles as the team launches its Formula 1 2021 season car, the RB16B.

The fourth team to launch its car ahead of the new season, but the first to do so with only digital images and no drivers present, Red Bull gave little on Tuesday about the changes to the car or hoped for the season.

But they made it clear that RB16B “aims to transfer the momentum of 2020 to the new season in an attempt to fight for this year’s title.”

Last season Red Bull started the year by about half a second in a lap at Mercedes, before winning two races during the year, which was the most impressive and encouraging of the season in Abu Dhabi as Verstappen raced away from rivals.

While that win will have to do with the development of Mercedes passes as the Red Bull pace has improved, it will be known this season.

What Red Bull knows is that they are armed, along with Lewis Hamilton, the fastest and most controversial sports driver in Verstappen, a 23-year-old who continues to show potential challenges in the title, but the package has not yet been committed to fighting at the front during the campaign.

The team should also strengthen the arrival of Perez, who replaces Alex Albon for 2021.

Verstappen struggled alone with Mercedes for most of last season, and Albon often couldn’t get out of midfield, and Perez’s minimum expectation will be to help Verstappen take over Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas.

After eight seasons with Force India / Racing Point after a solo campaign with McLaren, Perez is finally getting another chance for a top team – which his performances in recent seasons have fully deserved.

To date, the 31-year-old’s best F1 season came last year, which was overshadowed by a brilliant first F1 win in the penultimate race in Bahrain.

Even more to follow.