Rebel Wilson thinks about “going uphill” in his “year of health”

Rebel Wilson is going on vacation!

But before he jumps on the plane, looking sleek in all-black clothes and slender physique, he has a few thoughts to share in an Instagram message.

“Okay, signing for 2020. I like these two pictures because together they represent the CLIMBING JOURNEY I was on this year with my YEAR OF HEALTH MISSION,” she wrote on Thursday. (Swipe to see another photo of Wilson on the slopes.)

“Guys, now I have to think: 🤔 what will be my goal (s) for 2021 ??” she continues. “Thank you for following my adventures this year and all the people who made 2020 so special! What are your goals for next year? Believe in yourself, work hard, you can do it! Lots of love, Rebs.”

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Last year was quite a trip for the star of “Pitch Perfect” (40), who during her “year of health” lost over 60 kilograms and started dating the new beauty Jacob Busch (31). She posted a selfie of the two of them in October, writing, “We practice a lot together.”

As Wilson noted in an Instagram Live video in early December, she always carried her weight as “a little barrier … maybe to keep people from approaching me.”

But she is in a better mood now, because she understands that these behaviors mean that she did not “treat (herself) with love and respect.”

“It was hard,” she said. “And so what I’m trying to do is change those patterns so that you love and treat yourself more with more respect.”

Here’s a look at what Wilson can achieve in 2021!