Rebel role: Where you’ve already seen actors, including Katey Sagal

Katey Sagal, to whom television drama is no stranger to roles in everything Sons of anarchy to Lost, hosts another show with the new ABC series Rebel. Inspired by the life of lawyer activist Erin Brockovich (who also serves as an executive producer), the show was created by Grey’s Anatomy i Station 19Krista Vernoff, Kris Vernoff, seems a likely addition to ABC’s mid-season lineup. But once you watch the first episode or prepare to check it out, you’re probably wondering where you saw it Rebel cast before.

In addition to Katey Sagal, who leads as Annie “Rebel” Bello, Rebel there are also television and film greats, including prominent programs such as Sex and the city, The Oceans an acting trilogy and series by Hulu Marvel They ran away, and that is just the beginning. Below is a detailed analysis Rebel acting teams and where you’ve already seen them.