Real Madrid – La Liga: Benzema: I believe in Vinicius Jr., sometimes I address him out loud, but it’s because of him

Karim Benzema waited for someone in Madrid to utter all the burden of a goal scorer from his shoulders, and Vinci’s junior clash against Liverpool may have been the beginning of his transition to that role, and the French striker praised the Brazilian, saying that although he sometimes yells at him, it’s because believes in his talent.

Florentino Perez decided to sign Vinicius Jr as an undeserved teenager to avoid a price jump as happened to Neymar, but the former miracle of Flamengo was painfully inconsistent during his stay in Spain.

“Vinnie is a very young player, but I believe in him because he has everything to succeed here,” Benzema explained in an interview with LaLiga.

“That’s why I talk to him a lot on the field, sometimes it’s a little loud, but it’s because of him. He can give more, because when he wants to be, he’s a phenomenon.”

He will get the Clasico victory Real Madrid the right to a cover image in Spain and Benzema believes the match represents a top test.

“Clasico is the best game in the world for me,” Benzema added.

“Not just for me, but for everyone, because there are two teams that have a lot of history. It’s always a very important game.”

Given that his form has been so impressive over the past two seasons, Benzema he would have been forgiven for showing some kind of overconfidence, but still the Frenchman refused to fall into the trap of self-praise in building such an important knot.

“I don’t know if this was my best season,” Benzema confirmed.

“Every year I start from scratch and I want to improve the previous one.

“I’m in a series of points now and if I can keep working on helping my team win points and games, I’ll do it. It’s important to win.”