qomp Review: The ball from Pong had a lot

No one was looking for a Pong Cinematic Universe, but a PC game qomp is here to provide it. It may be one of my favorite games of the year so far.

I was fascinated by the introductory moments of the game. It looks like a clone Pong, but I had no control over any of the oars. Still, I realized I could push a button and change the direction of the ball, and that became my first challenge: making sure the ball passed those paddles, because I was sick of hitting back and forth.

It’s time to escape, and that escape will take up the rest of the game, which can be won in two to three hours, depending on your skill level.

The world qomp is mostly a black and white maze of obstacles and enemies, and the only way a player can communicate with it is by pressing a single button to change the direction of the ball. That’s it. It is a matter of time, patience and visualizing the corners. It all comes down to where the ball leads, where it will go if you press the button to change the trajectory and where it needs to go next to stay on the path to freedom.

In a world of timeless games and constantly updated releases that all require you to play every day to keep up, qomp a break is welcome, the kind of game you can play for a few hours, have fun, and then put it down. The game has perfected its limited range. It’s not a matter of being big; it is about being good.

qomp it contains no secrets or hidden areas, ”wrote the game’s designer, who goes under Stuffed Wombat, in a blog post. “After the game is over, players get access to a more challenging version of each level. Completing all the challenges will not unlock anything. “

Reason to play? Because video games are fun. No grinding and no reminders of tomorrow’s appearance. If you “die”, nothing will be lost except a little time. Nevertheless, there are difficulty settings and they are a marvel of clever design. For example, you can choose to zoom the camera to see the entire level, or you can give yourself a line that shows where the ball will go when you press a button. There’s also the option to just … turn on invincibility if you don’t want to worry about it. You can switch any of these settings at any time.

qomp it is modest in scope but precise in its ability to accomplish its goals as a simple, smart, and enjoyable game that you can buy for a few dollars ($ 6.99) and finish in a few hours. At least some of the tight levels and controls in the game may be the result of constant revisions and re-creations of the Stuffed Wombat game. He made, reworked, and honed it for years; The stuffed Wombat estimates this is his seventh version qomp.

The rocky journey of the game included business trips south, lack of resources, an accident with previous versions, and some welcome support from the parents of Stuffed Wombat. Yet his prolonged, painful sonic period of transition did not follow qomp you feel confused or too designed. Instead, it feels perfect, as if it was created this way.

In his explanation of the game on the blog, Stuffed Wombat also noted this carefully qomp it was not just his work. “I could not qomp without Clovelt, Britt Brady i Miroko and please grant us credit all four if you cover it qomp“, He wrote.

He then described in detail each of their contributions to the cleansing of code, art, and sound.

In addition to these collaborators, Stuffed Wombat also had a support system that will help him through the rough development of the game, and he is also credited. “Now, three and a half years after the start, qomp it’s finally coming out, “he wrote. “The main reason for that is that I have access to a very strong and very forgiving support system.

“My parents encouraged me to follow my dreams. When my dreams shattered me, they encouraged me to put them aside. They helped me recover. Then they encouraged me to try again … qomp it would not exist without them. “

And we should be very happy qomp there is.

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