PTF warns against the closure of treatment centers, monitors a new strain in the UK, vaccines –

PTF on COVID-19 Chairman, Chief Mustafa.

Concerned about the rise in coronavirus (COVID-19) cases in the country, the presidential working group (PTF) for COVID-19 warned state governors not to close treatment centers.

Mr Gazda Mustapha, chairman of the PTF and secretary of the Federation government, issued the warning speaking at a national briefing in Abuja on Thursday.

He said: “As we progress in this non-pharmaceutical intervention (NPI), plus the vaccine phase, I urge the state government not to close their treatment centers.

“Instead, they should be maintained efficiently and smoothly because cases of infection are growing and we must intensify efforts to support public sector laboratories with critical reagents.

“PTF expects that the management of all federal tertiary health facilities will raise the level of testing and reverse the results.”
Mustapha further stated that “2021. that vaccine and NPI.

“As we begin the process of adding vaccines to the task, we want to reaffirm that all aspects of the president’s pronouncement will be approached with the seriousness they deserve.

“New guidelines have been developed and will be presented by the national coordinator. The task is huge, but our will is stronger this time.

“Accordingly, PTF works with relevant ministries, departments and agencies (MDAs) on regulatory and certification issues before proceeding with the vaccine topic.”

Regarding the new strain of COVID-19 in the UK and South Africa, SGF said: “Similarly, PTF is aware of the global conversation about a new strain of the virus detected in the UK.

“We have assured Nigerians that our experts working with the WHO are studying the variant strain and will make a statement at the appropriate time.”

Speaking about the travel ban, he said that “in international travel, especially from the UK, South Africa and some areas with a very high load, we continue to assess the actions taken by various countries.

“We note that some countries that initially banned flights have adopted a requirement that already exists in Nigeria.

“We have also weighed the security, economic and social implications of a full ban, especially when we take into account the situation in neighboring countries and ECOWAS as a whole.

“PTF will increase measures that apply to those countries with a heavy burden to reduce import opportunities.”

The PTF chairman also noted that “PTF is working diligently on the turnaround time to obtain test results.

“We are working with the NCDC to improve that. Nigerians should expect improvement very soon.

“For us at PTF, we thank the President for the trust he has in our ability to carry out our mandate and we are again committed to greater work.

“The successes that PTF has recorded in managing the pandemic control since March 2020 could never have been without the support of our partners, who were the media that conveyed the message to the Nigerians.

“We also thank the National Assembly, sub-national entities, the private sector coalition, the international community, development partners, well-meaning Nigerians, security agencies and our workers at the front. The list is endless. ”

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