Psychonauts 2 characters and locations highlighted in the new concept

Double Fine president Tim Schafer presents the art concept for Psychonauts 2 and reveals that the game is in the polishing phase.

Thanks to a new concept of art, Psychonauts 2 fans have a better idea of ​​what Double Fine Productions and the upcoming Xbox Game Studio platformer will look like. In particular, the art gave a look at the long line of characters in the game and some of the psychedelic locations that players can explore. In an interview alongside the concept of art, Double Fine president Tim Schafer also talked about how Psychonauts 2development is going.

Psychonauts 2 was announced at The Game Awards until 2015 as a sequel to 2005 Psychonauts, who accompanied a young psychic spy named Raz. The sequel should return Raza as an established agent who must reveal the secrets of the Psychonaut Staff. Schafer discovered that year during the Game Game Awards Psychonauts 2 it would be primarily funded by Fig, an investment platform created by Double Fine’s chief operating officer Justin Bailey. Original Psychonauts received critical reviews and sold more than 1.2 million units, so people were excited to fund the sequel. Psychonauts 2 later exceeded its crowdfunding target of $ 3.3 million.

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Although the development took several years, Schafer assured IGN that in a recent interview things were going smoothly, and he brought a bunch of concept art to prove it. Pictured were front and back views of Raza in full color, dressed in his signature coat and helmet for pilots, as well as the characters of Aaron, Morris, Lizzie, Sam, Norma and Gisu. In addition, Ford images showed him dressed as a bowler and barber. There were also black and white and color paintings in some locations, such as roofs and busy roads.

psychonauts 2 new level

According to Schafer, Double Fine has “mostly“all in Psychonauts 2 up to this point. “We mostly move on to polishing things that are already in play, “he said. He noticed that COVID-19 and working from home definitely slowed down production, but things are where Schafer should be.”pleasant“about where the levels ended.

Fans have already looked at some of them Psychonauts 2levels in the jubilee video of Double Fine back in August. The mini-documentary about the Double Fine story contained several developmental clips from the game, which showed a plant-shaped cuboid corridor. In addition, the video revealed Raz’s new telekinesis and ability to walk on a wall. Later in September, fans gained an in-depth look at a level called “Brain in a Jar,” which includes synesthesia and psychedelic taste in the ’60s.

There is no release date for Psychonauts 2 still, but some time is expected in 2021. It’s been a long time and fans can’t wait to see Raza in his next adventure. They crossed their fingers to keep the development going smoothly in the final stages.

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Source: IGN

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