PSGY’s Kylian Mbappe made 11 steps in 1.82 seconds before scoring a great second goal against Bayern Munich

So far we are well aware that Kylian Mbappe is fast with and without the ball, but last night he showed extremely fast legs for his second goal against Bayern Munich.

He opened the scoring just 148 seconds into the game when he beat Manuel Neuer on his tripod, after being lost by Neymar.

But it was his second goal in the 68th minute for 3: 2, which summed up how special the former Monaco’s talent is.

Fueled by the counter again, the 22-year-old made Jerome Boateng look a bit silly and punched the ball through his legs into Neuer’s far bottom corner.

In fact the footwork was so much a fact that Sky Italia said Mbappe made a ridiculous 11 steps in 1.82 seconds before the ball ended up in the back of the net.

Journalist Gabriele Marcotti posted pretty stunning statistics on social media.

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It’s worth noting that this doesn’t look at Mbappe’s speed in terms of sprints. Although he is obviously fast, the statistics refer to his muscular memory and such sharp decision making.

This, along with his many other qualities, is why many think he will win the Golden Ball in the future.

Mbappe now has an incredible 42 goals in 43 Champions League games, including 13 in the knockout phase.

“It was a tough game against the best team in Europe at the moment,” Mbappe said.

“We played well, as a team, the team was good. My teammates were so good. And I want to congratulate the whole team.

“It’s just the first game, and we have another game at home, so we have to stay focused on the game.”