PS5 ’30. the anniversary of PlayStation’s design celebrates PS2 aesthetics

Reddit fans have posted their opinion on the PS5’s special thirtieth anniversary, inspired by the PS2 design, which is the best-selling console ever.

The fan is custom designed PlayStation 5 a console that pays homage to the PlayStation 2 in honor of the 30th anniversary celebration of the PlayStation. The first PThislayStation console was released in 1994, meaning Sony’s family of systems will have 30 years of existence in 2024, four years after the PS5’s lifespan. It remains to be seen how Sony will mark this event itself.

Currently, of course, the PlayStation has too many events a year to worry about around 2024. The launch of the PS5 proved to be a great success in terms of sales, but for very few other reasons. Large retailers are facing a serious shortage of stocks of new machines, which has been greatly exacerbated by scalpers who buy consoles en masse and sell them at a high price using bots. As a result, it is almost impossible for the average consumer to get a new console. Worse, buyers engaged in fishing and buying from an unscrupulous third party could be fooled into getting a printed PS5 image instead of an actual machine.

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But this turbulent present hasn’t stopped some fans from looking to the future anyway. A Reddit user, who presented his interpretation of the special thirtieth anniversary of PS5. The console is executed in completely black, unlike the second render made by the fans which was soon after the console was presented as official art. This design also almost completely reduces the PS5’s distinct blue lighting, leading to a console designed according to the classic PS2, which Sony released in 2000. Modeling this fan design after the PS2 instead of the PS1 makes sense; after all, the PlayStation 2 is the only best-selling video game console of all time.

Nostalgic PS2 fans are probably disappointed that this design is not real. But Sony is fully capable of creating a custom console like this when the 30th anniversary turns. Microsoft has already gone pretty wild with some of its custom designs; the company even helped fast food chain Bojangles come up with a special series of fried X-series chickens. Certainly, if Sony had decided to design a special PS5 for its 30th anniversary, it shouldn’t be funny.

The PlayStation 5 represents an extraordinarily ostentatious design change for Sony, and fans have reacted to the look in a variety of ways. But everyone has expressed an interest in customization, which has been a high priority for many players since the earliest days of playing consoles. People want individuality and to that end retailers are already selling unofficial face pads that can be replaced with those attached to the PS5. We hope Sony will take advantage of these customization dreams and release a special edition PS5 it matches that design.

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