‘Promising young woman’: Carey Mulligan calls on critics for comments on looks

  • Carey Mulligan has called Variety magazine which she believes implies she wasn’t “hot enough” for her new film “The Promising Young Woman”.
  • In the film, Mulligan plays a role in which she acts as if she is drunk in bars and clubs, and then ravages the men who take her to their homes and try to take advantage of her.
  • In a critique by critic Dennis Harvey, he wrote that Mulligan looks like someone in “bad drag” and that the role would be more suited to film producer Margot Robbie.
  • “I was like“ Really? “Mulligan told The New York Times.” You’re going to write something so transparent about this film? Now? 2020? “I just couldn’t believe it.”
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Carey Mulligan called out the film critic who said she was a “slightly weird choice” for her role as a “femme fatale” in her new film “The Promising Young Woman”.

In his review for Variety, critic Dennis Harvey suggested that Margot Robbie, who is the film’s producer, would be more suited to star Cassandra.

“It can be (perhaps too easily) presented to that role that could once have been intended [Robbie]”Harvey wrote.” While with this star Cassie wears her bait gear like bad traction; even her long blonde hair seems taut. The flat American accent it gives in its lower voice register also seems a bit of a target, although it’s not entirely clear what the citation labels around this performance mean. “

a promising young woman

“A promising young woman.”

Focus characteristics

In a New York Times profile, Mulligan launched a Variety review when asked if she had read any of the critical views.

“I read the Variety review because I’m a weak person,” she told Kyle Buchanan.

“I felt like I was basically saying I wasn’t hot enough to perform a trick like this,” said Mulligan, who noted she could still recite some lines from the critique.

“It drove me so crazy,” she continued. “I was like‘ Really? “You’re going to write something so transparent for this movie? Now? 2020. ‘I just couldn’t believe it.’

Insider contacted Variety and Harvey for comment.

a promising young woman

“A promising young woman.”

Focus characteristics

In the acclaimed dark drama, Mulligan plays Cassandra who left her medical career to dedicate her life to the devastation of men who prey on untried women.

She does this by behaving drunkenly in bars and clubs, and when men pick her up and take her home, she discovers that she is actually sober and makes the guy wish he had never looked at her that night.

Harvey’s wicked irony is seeing that the intention of the film’s director, Emerald Fennell, is to blow up all the expectations placed before women in society.

“We don’t allow women to look more normal or like a real person,” Mulligan said in a Times story. “Why do all the women who are ever on screen have to look like a supermodel? That was solved in something where the expectation of beauty and perfection on the screen was completely out of control.”

The “Promising Young Woman” opens in theaters on December 25.

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