Problem with Jon Stewart who will be performing at Apple this fall

Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart
Photo: Kevin Winter (Getty Images)

Five and a half years have passed since then Jon Stewart is gone Daily Show, ending a term in which he was seen rising, in the eyes of some fans, to the level of a little god in the world of political comedy. Stewart, meanwhile, has tried a number of new occupations: Film director,, repetitive Late Show the prophet,, cattle breeder. But we always knew that one day he would probably return to the comforting wing of television where he came from, and now we know when that day will be mentioned. Somehow, somehow. (It will be sometime this fall.)

This is according to Apple, who announced today that Stewart’s new series, Problem with Jon Stewart, arrives on streaming TVs this fall, bringing Stewart back into the world of comedy and commentary he and his students helped shape. It is not in vain Problem“Described as a” multi-season, one-hour series with one issue “- sounds very similar to former shows Daily Show correspondents like John Oliver,, Hasan Minaj, i Wyatt Cenac they have all been hosts in recent years, delving deeply into topics that deserve more than a time devoted to glib monologue jokes. (In the meantime, it’s not clear whether this “one number” descriptor means that Stewart deals with one number per episode or per season, but in any case, there is clearly an intention to combine journalism and comedy in a familiar package.)

Apple signed its first contract with Stewart last year, after failing to reach a previous contract with HBO through promised projects, including an animated series and a couple of stand up actions. Apple, obviously, is counting on Stewart’s continued attraction, but a clear question is at play here: is that love still operational? The Trump era, which Stewart largely pursued, was extremely difficult with the idea that political satire, in and of itself, has the ability to make a difference in the real world – once a key part Daily Show appeal. Is Stewart’s special and once powerful blend of sharp comedy, moral rage, and deliberate absurdity still in demand? We’re guessing we’ll find out sometime this fall, when Problem with Jon Stewart arrives.

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