Prince Charles “took the mike out of Prince William” in a speech at the royal wedding

Prince William and Kate set off for the wedding reception at Buckingham Palace in 2011 (Stefan Rousseau / PA Images via Getty Images)

Prince Charles “took out the mike” from Prince William on his wedding day in the groom’s father’s speech, it turned out.

Although details of Prince William and Kate’s wedding reception are scarce, the Duchess’s uncle Gary Goldsmith revealed some of what happened when Charles said a few words.

We’re talking to ITV Dan Will and Kate got married, said: “Prince Charles gave a great speech, he took a mike out of Prince William, talking about how he drove a toy car into a tree several times.

“And he was very nice about Catherine.”

He added: “I was nervous about Catherine marrying the royal family.

“It is not known whether she will progress or survive, but from the moment Charles spoke, it was obvious that they welcomed her with open arms and love, so I knew she would be safe.”

Gary Goldsmith, the bride’s uncle, attends the wedding of Pipe Middleton and James Matthews at St Mark’s Church in Englefield, west of London, on 20 May 2017. REUTERS / Justin Tallis / Pool

Gary Goldsmith, the bride’s uncle, at the wedding of Pipe Middleton and James Matthews at St. Mark’s Church in Englefield in May 2017 (ReutersJustin Tallis / Pool)

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The documentary looked back on Royal Wedding Day 2011, as the couple, now Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, are celebrating 10 years of marriage.

They have three children and their lives are now significantly different, even compared to 2011, as they gave up a relatively quiet life in Norfolk to start full-time with royal duties.

But Kate’s uncle was full of praise for how she handled her lifestyle.

He said: “Kate was born for that role – to humiliate supplies, but completely for that role. She breaks it, they are completely right for the country and I think that’s why we love them.”

Goldsmith also admitted that his mother, Kate’s grandmother, was a “convinced royalist” and even earned the nickname “Duchess”.

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Thinking about the wedding day, he said: “It was all my mom would dream of. I never expected to be in the abbey at the royal wedding and it was one of our family. It was a moment.

“I shone with pride, it was our little Kate with Mike, who approached William.”

John Haley, the renter of The Old Boot pub in Bucklebury, where Kate grew up, also revealed he was surprised by the wedding invitation and then managed to get a seat in the front row because one chair was left without a reserve.

He said, “Carole [Middleton] he asked me ‘how did you get into the front row?’ “

Kate invited many people from her hometown, including local butchers and postmen.

Haley also recalled one moment as he watched the new couple head back down the aisle and become aware of people looking the opposite of him.

When he turned, he saw the queen looking at him from about five feet away.

Dan Will and Kate got married is at the ITV hub.

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