President Igbo: Anyim under fire from critics for excluding Igbo from the southeast

Written by Mike Odiegwu, Port Harcourt

Former Senate President Pius Anyim may have stirred up a hornet’s nest with his remarks that Igbo off the coast of the southeast should fail at the thought of shooting for the presidency if the seat were transferred to the region in 2023.

According to Anyim, indigenous speakers from Delta and Rivers Igbo are not qualified to choose the presidency because they reside outside the southeast.

But Ohanaeze Ndigbo smashed Anyima, who was the secretary of the Federation government (SGF), under former President Goodluck Jonathan, because he had no place to take such a position.

According to Secretary-General Ohanaeze Dim Uche Okwukwu, Anyim was not qualified to speak for President Igbo’s 2023 project.

The one-time SGF cannot come to speak for the region after the support it provided to former Vice President Atiku Abubakar against President Muhammad Buhari in 2019.

He described Anyim’s statement as retrograde, provocative and divisive, saying Igba’s enemies sponsored the former Senate president to sow the seeds of discord among the people.

He challenged Anyima to show his contribution to the advancement of the Igbo course despite all the high offices he held on behalf of Igbo.

Okwukwu said: “On a moral and ethical basis, he cannot talk about the Igbo presidency for 2023, because he is a member of the PDP who supported Atiku in 2019 to become president. The question I ask Pio Anyima is if he had warned Attica of the election, would he have discussed the Igba presidency in 2023? “

“I, Dim Uche Okwukwu, led the delegation that will support Bukhari in the presidential villa in 2019. I am in charge of talking about President Igba. What we are talking about is the Nigerian president extracting Igba, not the Nigerian president from the southeast.

“Southeast and South South divide Igbo into two parts. If Egbema is divided into two parts between Rijeka and Imo, Ikwere is divided between Imo and Abijah, the people of Ohio are Ikwere people. So, what is his definition of Igbo? Is that Igbo from the southeast?

“What role did Anyim play to please Ndigba as SGF? Let Anyim show us what he did to ensure the completion of the Second Bridge in Niger. Let him tell us what he did to rehabilitate the Enugu-Onitsha road; Port Harcourt International Airport, Akanu Ibiam International Airport and Sam Mbakwe International Airport, Port Harcourt-Enugu Expressway. “

The Ohanaeza transcriber identified Transport Minister Rotimi Amaechi, his Labor and Employment counterpart Chris Ngige and former Imo Gov. Rochas Okorocha as some of the qualifiers for the ticket as Igbo.

He said: “Amaechi is qualified to run for president. He has vast political experience. If he steps forward and challenges the APC championship and wins, he will be supported. Ngige is qualified; Ogbonnaya Onu, Ph.D. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Rochas Okorocha and others are qualified.

“Anyim cannot redefine Igbo. Anioma, the people of Ika in the Delta, Ikweres, Ogbas, Oyigbos, Etches in the state of Rivers are Igbos. The Asari-Ndoki in Akwa Ibom are Igbo. He has no Igbo mandate to speak.

“I am in a better position as secretary general to speak and speak authoritatively. He comes from Ebonyi with 13 local government areas. What is Ebony’s voting power and what can he bring to the table in terms of elections?

“What he is saying is provocative, retrograde and absurd. He does not know that the 10 local government areas in the Igbo-speaking rivers have more votes than the Ebony people have.

What a voice in Ebonyi that he will create a problem like this to provoke the people of Rijeka who speak igbo. This is how they cause confusion and deny Igbos. Every time we come to the Promised Land, like Anyima will come out and become Amalakites for Ndigbo.

“Why is he saying such things in these crucial and delicate moments when Ndigbo came out to speak with one voice. Who sponsors it? I can tell you that Piusa Anyima is sponsored by Ndiigb’s enemies, those who don’t want Igbos to produce a president in 2023.

“What did he ever do to unite Ndiigbo?” He never visited Rivers State. Does he even know where Ndiigbo resides in Rivers State? Does he know where the Igbos are in Delta State? Anyim should not create problems for Ndiigbu. “

Also, relatives and social commentator of former Goodluck President Jonathan, Wisdom Ikuli, said it was Southsouth’s turn to complete his term in the Presidency.

He said Jonathan was eligible for the candidacy and called on Igbo to be grateful to Jonathan for giving them an advantage in appointments during his first term.

Ikuli said Igbo will lose nothing with Jonathan’s return to Aso Rock in 2023.