Police claim the ignorant assailants kidnap many passengers in the Edo-Punch newspaper

Adeyinka Adedipe, Benin

The Edo State Police Command said it was not informed of developments related to the abduction of passengers on Tuesday along the intimidating Benin-Auchi road.

The suspected gunmen abducted an unspecified number of passengers after they attacked a commercial bus traveling from Abuja, which was traveling from Benin between Ehor and Iruekpen.

State Police Public Relations Officer Chidi Nwabuzor said he was not informed of developments when he was contacted by reporters.

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“I am not aware of that. Some incidents are not reported, and even when they are, because they are from the local government department, they do not reach us immediately.

“So give us time to get in touch with police officers and men in the affected area,” Nwabuzor said.

According to eyewitnesses, several passengers were “forcibly taken to the bushes” after armed men forced a bus carrying them.

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