Police are under attack as BBNaijin Kiddwaya comes out with four escorts

Nigerian police came under fire after a viral image of Big Brother Nai, a former BBNai resident, Kiddway with his police officers, surfaced online.

Kiddwaya shared pictures on Instagram on Wednesday where he had about four police officers with guns escorted.

This did not go well with Nigerians who called out the police for providing such security to a celebrity, while insecurity is growing in many parts of the country.

However, some called the son of the billionaire, explaining that the level of abduction in the country is a sufficient reason for him to have such security.

This comes at a time when Inspector General of Police Usman Baba has ordered the withdrawal of senior police officers from the EFCC.

Here are some comments DAILY POST has collected from Twitter:

@ 4eyedmonk “A whole four cops to a private citizen who can easily get akpa ordinary bouncers? Police, this image shames the force and the new IGP. “

@Leosessy “What is the business of our private security equipment? Four police officers of only one celebrity are not morally right. “

@Debo “That is the reason why we have security challenges in this country. The police, who were supposed to lead ordinary citizens, were attached to suspicious VIPs. “

@Ufomma “Any IG police that as a priority number 1 does not have VIP police cancellations, starting with God’s people (because they already have anointing), is not serious in terms of insecurity!

@Thepublicdefender “All lies about the withdrawal of police personnel attached to private individuals.”

@YahayaNeutral “Nigerian police are for the rich and famous, not ordinary Nigerians. In a country where we complain that we have been under police and that we have a lot of security challenges, we have four police officers guarding only an individual.”

@Berbzz “It’s a great pity. If you have money, hire private insurance. “

@ DJ_Sp4all “The Nigerian police system appears to be a private security system run by the federal government. Everyone who makes the most offers takes everything. No wonder the common man does not have adequate service. It’s a shame. “

@negromaniacs “It’s not his fault, it’s the system that made it possible. NPF has no respect. Now imagine that the number of staff across the country does the same thing to protect the rich. Thousands of people who should fight crime. Even Miyetti is Allah. “

@ Psalm35_ “We have private securities in Nigeria, why don’t they use them? VIPs cannot use the police in South Africa, they use private insurance. “

@Ladeepee “Do you know how much it’s worth if they kidnap him? Abeg allowed him to use them if necessary. Prevention is better. “

@Martolerix “If the kidnappers lay his hand on him, do you know how much he will ask for in dollars? Abeg leaves him to secure himself and his life in a country where even police stations use a chain to lock their generator from thieves. “

@Dique_money “Oh, man, three military-class pistols, three magazines (probably 1 supplement), hundreds of bullets to protect just one civilian. Something’s wrong somewhere.”

@YolandaMny “The problem is not that Kidd uses a security company that hires police officers, but your government pays your police service so badly that they need a passing crowd. Stay focused, face Buhari. ”

@Abazeesi “Why are you moving with all these guards, in fear of being kidnapped? Someone should explain because I don’t understand?

@MrWick “I thought they said the new IG pulled all the VIP-related cops, in this Nigeria it’s all just sound.”