Pokemon Go Reveals Pokemon Snap Event Dates, times, great Smeargle

Pokémon fans – the day has almost come when we will be able to get our hands on the New Pokémon Snap and while we are staring at the calendar and wishing for time, the Pokémon Go event dedicated to the new game is coming!

Fans who are excited about the release are no surprise because (somehow) it’s been 20 years since we got the last Pokémon Snap game, and people have been looking for a new one since it came out – so this is certainly an example of good things coming to those waiting.

On this occasion, Pokémon Go is entertained by a new event held especially on the occasion of the launch of the new Nintendo Switch game – and here are all the details you need to know about it.

When does the Snap event in Pokémon Go begin?

With the release of the new Pokémon Snap on April 30, Pokemon Go decided to launch the event the day before – so that’s April 29 confirmed as the start date of the event, with the start time 10:00 – it’s local time, so it will be 10:00 wherever you are!

The event will last only four days, it is further concluded May 2, so you will want to be quick if you plan to go through it.

What is the Snap event in Pokémon Go?

No wonder the Pokémon brush, Smeargle, is the core of all this, as it is a creature that usually appears when you photograph in a game.

The great Smeargle will be appearing at this event for the first time, something fans have been wanting for a while, but catching this new great version may not be as easy as you’d hope – great never!

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There are only a limited number of photos that you will be able to take in the case, and when it is finished, so is the chance to get a great Smeargle – at least for now. Niantic has hinted that he will return in a future event, but it is not known how far that will be.

In addition to Smeargle, the game will also feature Pokémon from the new Lental region, an avatar camera item and a new camera sticker, a new line of research assignment (hopefully up to date with everything else) and new field research.

Then come the hectic four days in Pokémon – especially if you’re going to play the New Pokémon snap too!

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