PGAN set up for a special program to qualify ladies golfers for professionals The Guardian Nigeria News

The Association of Professional Golfers of Nigeria (PGAN) will soon begin a special training program that will qualify ladies golfers in the country and beyond as professionals in PGA.

Recently, the PGA of Nigeria signed a document with R&A, supporting the Confederation of Professional Golf (CPG) in this regard.

The document, entitled The Charter of Women in Golf, aimed to promote the inclusion of women in golf.

Rising from a weekly executive committee meeting, the Nigerian PGA said it opted for the new line because “over the years, the percentage of ladies in golf in Nigeria and Africa has been alarmingly low despite population statistics that put women more than men in Africa.”

“Given the above facts, the Nigerian PGA is compiling a six-month intensive golf training program to convert to a PGA pro.”

According to the association, “the program, which will be very broad in content and deep in content, will be in line with international best practice and guided by the CPG vocational education program.”

It revealed that it will hold at least two mandatory seminars for all participants.

“Graduates of this program are expected to fill the lack of PGA professional requirements in the country; develop play among the female population and provide the coaching strength needed to grow play among children.

“In addition, the program will expose students to career opportunities that abound in golf games,” said the Nigerian PGA.

The body announced that the training will start in January, and the final exam in July / August 2021. “At the end of the program, only successful candidates will be admitted to the PGA of Nigeria,” it is stated.