Peacock is filming a Frogger TV show

The guy who plays Frogger on a very old computer

The guy who plays Frogger on a very old computer
Photo: Samuel Corum / Anadolu Agency / Getty Images

Konami, a company that used to make video games, has again found a way to make money from video games without, you know, making a damn video game: As announced in a press release today, Konami has signed the rights to the classic arcade game Frogger to Peacock, who is now turning it into “superior physical competition” – think about it Delete, but jumping on logs and avoiding traffic. The statement said Frogger the show will feature contestants from around the world who pass “12 Unheard of Obstacle Courses” testing their “skill, strength, strategy and smart problem solving”. The winner will receive a “massive cash prize,” hopefully without the need to happily spin a Konami-branded slot machine or pull directly from Mr. Konami’s own modest claws.

Peacock ordered 13 episodes Frogger A TV show, with episodes that supposedly last an hour – just like Delete, although it seems like a long time to watch people come across things and fall into the water. All interested to be competitors on Frogger I can jump on this link to sign up (sorry for the frog word game, but we got so far and we have to use at least one). If this show kicks off, hopefully Konami will then see the value of resurrecting some of its other old game brands for supersized notions of physical competition. Bomberman it would be easy, and Konami is always happy to slap Castlevania name on things, but Konami would have to remember that Metal equipment i Quiet hill there is to do anything with them. (Although, to be honest, Konami, who doesn’t remember existing, is probably the best case for Metal equipment i Quiet hill.)

Also, if someone reads this in the show: Please try to put the Konami code as soon as possible. We have to I know what he does in real life.