PDP Reps dares to lead the House because of the threat of sanctions – Punch Newspapers

Leke Baiyewu, Abuja

The Speaker of the People’s Democratic Party in the House of Representatives rejected the threat of majority leader Alhassan Ado-Doguwa that the House would sanction those calling for the recall of the president, Major General Muhammad Buhari (withdrawn).

On December 6, 2020, the leader of the PDP parliamentary club, Kingsley Chinda, called on Nigerians to prevail in the National Assembly to begin a recall procedure against Bukhari for laundering 43 rice farmers in the state of Borno by Boko Haram.

Chinda also called on members of the Federal Executive Council to invoke the provisions of Article 144 (1) of the Constitution stating that Bukhari was incapable of performing the functions of the office of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The chairman of the House of the Media and Public Committee, Benjamin Kalu, rejected the invitation as an unpopular opinion of only the factional leader of the opposition.

On December 17, the chairman of the PDP again requested the recall of the president due to the kidnapping of schoolchildren in Kankar, Katsina state.

Ado-Doguwa, in an interview with reporters in Abuja on Monday, threatened Chindi with sanctions from the House if the PDP leader continues to call for Buhari’s recall.

The leader of the majority claimed that Chinda’s calls “on behalf of the parliamentary group of the National Assembly or the House of Representatives” represent a misrepresentation of the MPs’ position on the security crisis.

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Ado-Doguwa said, “Chinda manages a solo man; he was not given the mandate of any other person for it. First of all, he said that we will initiate recall proceedings against Mr. President. That was not true. It never happened here, and we won’t even think about it. Mr. President is doing the best he can and we will always be by his side to secure a greater Nigeria.

“I dare say that if he continues to do so, we will not be able to initiate disciplinary action to verify his (action and) inaction.”

Reacting to Ado-Dogu in a conversation with our correspondent on Monday night, Chinda said he was ready to face the consequences of the impeachment call. “I’m ready,” he said.

Asked if she thought the sanction would be fair to him, Chinda said, “You should ask if it would be fair to Nigerians. I speak on behalf of Nigerians. They should ask Nigerians to stop the call for the removal of the president. “

Asked about the PDP’s support, the opposition leader said: “I support the majority of Nigerians.”

Also, a prominent member of the PDP parliamentary club, in a statement sent to our correspondent on Tuesday, Tajudeen Yusuf, dismissed Ado-Doguwa’s threat as part of a sycophania that is killing Nigerian democracy.

The statement is titled: “Impeachment: an alleged threat of punishment, a mere eager thinking, part of an accident that kills democracy,” says Hon Teejay Yusuf.

Yusuf’s statement read in part, “By interfering in the affair of opposition members, trying to speak on their behalf and expressing the brutal syncophantism of the executive, the leader of the House, Hon Ado Garba Doguwa has thoroughly desecrated the high position he currently holds.”

Rejecting the threat of Ado-Doguwa to mobilize for sanctions against Chinda, Yusuf said such “eager thinking antagonists are growing concerns of Nigerian citizens”.